Looted Artifacts Pulled from U.K. Auction After Ethiopian Embassy’s Appeal

The Ethiopian government has been appealing for the restitution of items pillaged during the siege for decades. In 2019, the nation renewed calls for the return of 11 wood and stone religious tablets, known as tabots, which sat for decades in the storeroom of the British Museum amid a wealth of Maqdala treasures. The British Museum responded by offering the possibility of a long-term loan agreement.

BY TESSA SOLOMON, June 17, 2021, ArtNews https://www.artnews.com/art-news/news/ethiopian-artifacts-pulled-british-auction-1234596039/

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Maqdala-Era Artifacts Leave U.K.: ‘The Single Most Important Heritage Restitution in Ethiopia’s History’

The London-based Scheherazade Foundation has returned a collection of artifacts that were looted from Ethiopia in 1868. Tahrir Shah, one of the Scheherazade Foundation’s cofounders, bought some of the works privately at the Busby auction house in Bridgeport, England. The artifacts were pulled from public auction the day before the sale was set to take place amid an outcry from the Ethiopian Embassy in England. Ethiopian officials were quick to praise the handover as a major restitution—one that they said acts as a recognition of the violence wrought by British colonial forces within the country.

BY ALEX GREENBERGER, September 10, 2021, ArtNews https://www.artnews.com/art-news/news/maqdala-artifacts-ethiopia-restitution-england-1234603510/

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Maqdala Artifacts Looted by Britain Withdrawn from UK Auction at Ethiopia’s Request


By Helen Holmes, 6/17/21, OBSERVER https://observer.com/2021/06/ethiopian-artifacts-busby-auction-looting/

Britain Refuses to Return Sacred Religious Tablets to Ethiopia, Best Offer Is a Loan

Posted by Nyam Daniel | December 6, 2021Atlanta Black Star


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Built By Angels: African Jerusalem ‘Lalibela’

If faith is a mystery, there are few places in the Christian world where the mystery is deeper than in Lalibela. 800 years ago, an Ethiopian king ordered a new capital for Christians. At 8,000 feet, on the central plateau of Ethiopia stand 11 churches, each carved from a single, gigantic, block of stone. No bricks, no mortar, no concrete, no lumber, just rock sculpted into architecture. Not much is known about who built them, or why. But the faithful of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church say there’s no mystery really. The churches of Lalibela were built by angels.

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