Mt. Rushmore

I just want to reflect upon Martin Luther King, Jr. Here is a man that was not looking to get his face engrave on the Mt. Rushmore of time. He was inspired by his religion, and with the conditions facing him and his people, sought remedies and strategies to bring true civil justice (civil rights in its original form) to the African-American People here in America. And from these humanly genuine concerns the whole world embraced him and his dream. Not through some hence-men making a person do this, that or believe such and such, but from a spirit working for the justice that our Constitution of these United States promises to all its citizens. — 1963 I believe it was, I was no more than ten years old at the most, on my father’s shoulders where he had hoisted me to see over the crowd in Downtown Detroit Michigans (then) Kern Block. I had no idea then, and not until many years later did I realized that I was seeing and hearing Dr. King give the first draft of his famous speech “I have a Dream.”


Mr. Harun Jihad Bilal  || Living Islam 101

Harun Jihad Bilal


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