AHRC expresses serious concern regarding Palestinian Female Prisoner Shereen Al-Issawi

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the human rights community expressing its serious concern regarding the fate of Ms. Shereen Al-Issawi, a 35-year old Palestinian female prisoner who has been held in a solitary confinement cell at the Israeli Neve Tirza prison since the beginning of May 2015. She has been in detention since June 2014 .


Al-Issawi living in difficult conditions in Israeli jail

Shereen Al-Issawi has being held in solitary confinement since the beginning of May and her family have been prevented from visiting her, the Palestinian Prisoners Club revealed yesterday.

The Club’s lawyer, who visited captive Al-Issawi in her cell in the Neve Tirza prison, quoted her as saying she is being held in a room that lacks even the minimum requirements for healthy living conditions. It is closed from all sides, and has a gate with a closed-glass window which prison officers recently removed after she suffered from breathing problems and threatened to go on strike, especially in light of the hot weather conditions which have swept the country and the lack of ventilation. She said the prison administration prevents any electrical tools, including televisions, from being placed in the cell

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