C.A.I.R. Sues Anti Islam Blogger

Muslim group sues critic over website, business

DETROIT   –   A Muslim civil rights group in the Detroit area has filed a lawsuit to stop a critic from using its name.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR, says lawyer Debbie Schlussel has created a website called cairmichigan.com. It lets visitors go to other websites that are critical of Muslims.
Schlussel recently wrote on her blog that she wanted to “drive the Muslims crazy” by registering a nonprofit group with the state and naming herself executive director of CAIR-Michigan.
A lawsuit filed Wednesday in Detroit federal court accuses Schlussel of violating trademarks.
She says the suit could simply be an attempt to silence her critique of what she says is the “dominant intolerant strand of Islam” on her website, and she calls CAIR “a Hamas front group.”


Indeed, Schlussel’s actions are obviously directed towards a nefarious end. Professionalism on the part of Mrs. Schussel, has been abandoned for what appears to be a childish tantrum, judging from the high standard of conduct established for attorneys, I would speculate that Mrs. Schussel is having a mental breakdown of some sort by her knowingly using this organization’s name exactly as it is used by that organization – C.A.I.R., or the ‘Council on American Islamic Relations,’ the national offices CAIR Michigan.

Why?  In order to fuel the hate and bigotry she has against Islam and Muslim’s, and thereby to satisfy her appetite and that of those who believe as she does, while poisoning the sentiments of other’s. .

This paints a portrait of a spoiled little girl who will do anything she can to connive her way, her view into what she sees as a favorable position   Her total disregard for the true owners to the name CAIRMICHIGAN, a civil rights organization that is actively involved in inter-racial and religious collaborations to help American’s who have unjustly had their rights infringed upon receive justice.

Indeed, a person of Jewish ancestry should be sensitized towards the need for cultural and religious toleration.  Or does she also advocate that all Muslim’s, Arabs, African Americans or whatever race or ethnicity they are; does she also advocate that we all be marched off to some internment camp or gas chamber to be dealt with.  How much of the money donated to CAIRMICHIGAN is now being diverted to Schussel.  What of the civil rights of those who depend upon assistance from C.A.I.R,  as well as the time and money that know has to be diverted to Schussel.

Mr. Harun Bilal

313 759-7067


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