‘A Gift for the Righteous Servants of Allah’

لاَ يَسْمَعُون فِيْهَا لَغْوًا وَ لاَ كِذَّابًا
جَزَآءً مِّن رَّبِّكَ عَطَآءً حِسَابًا

“Verily for the Righteous there will be a fulfillment of (The Hearts) desires. Gardens enclosed, and Grapevines; Companions of Equal Age; A Cup full (to the brim). No vanity will they hear therein, nor untruth — Recompense from your Lord, a Gift, (amply) sufficient,” [Quran 78:31-35.

There will not be any vain, worthless speech therein, nor any sinful lying. Rather, it will be the abode of peace, and everything that is in it will be free of any shortcomings. Allah will give them as a kindness, mercy, gift, and recompense from HIM. It will be sufficient, suitable, comprehensive and abundant.
The Arabs say, “HE gave me and HE sufficed me” This means that HE sufficiently provided for me. From this comes the saying, “Allah is sufficient for me”

Mr. Harun Jihad Bilal  ||  Living Islam 101

PRAYER Rug and Quran

 Mr Harun Jihad-Bilal

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