Do not Ridicule one another

GOD prohibits His Messenger and the Believers from insulting the false deities of the idolators.  Insulting their deities will lead to a bigger evil than its benefit for the idolators might retaliate by insulting GOD as the Believers [Muslim] believe “Allah,” none has right to worship but He  لآ إلَهَ إلاَّ الله

“O you that believe!  Fear Allah and believe in His messenger, and He will bestow on you a double portion of His Mercy: He will provide for you a light by which you will walk (straight in your path), and He will forgive you (your past):  Because Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

About Harun Jihad Bilal

I testify that nothing deserves worship/prayer but Allah (GOD) alone; and I testify that Muhammad (to whom Allah revealed the Quran) is HIS last servant and messenger.
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