Tom Thumb was a person, “a Man, who married a Women.” The Wondrous World of Tom Thumb Weddings

What is a Tom Thumb Wedding?
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THE REAL Gen. Tom Thumb and his marriage
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Charles Sherwood Stratton, whose stage name was General Tom Thumb, was one of the biggest and smallest celebrities of the 19th century. The three-foot, four-inch star of P.T. Barnum’s “Hall of Curiosities” married Lavinia Warren on February 10, 1863. She was two-feet, seven-inches tall. Their lavish and heavily publicized “fairy wedding” was attended by 2,000 guests

Tom Thumb wedding

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The Wondrous

World Of Tom Thumb Weddings

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East Room: Reception for General Tom Thumb

On February 13, 1863, a honeymoon Party was held at the White House for Charles S. Stratton and Livinia Warren, who had been married shortly before in New York City. “He was twenty-four years old, thirty-two inches high, and weight twenty-one pounds. She was four years younger, of the same height, and eight pounds heavier. Only a few [days] before, the ‘distinguished Lilliputians’ had been married in New York City, and P.T. Barnum, super-showman of the day who had the ‘General’ under contract, had lost no time in publicizing the vent and arrange to have the couple presented to chiefs of republics and royal sovereigns,” wrote Stanley Kimmel.1 Warren and Stratton, who was known as General Tom Thumb, came to Washington where Stratton’s brother was stationed with the Union Army. They stayed at Willard’s Hotel before attending a well-publicized, well-attended reception at the White House in their honor.

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