President Joe Biden Administration to halt controversial ‘Remain in Mexico’ program.

“Remain in Mexico,” formally known as the Migration Protection Protocols Policy, or MPP, forced back more than 60,000 asylum-seekers during the Trump administration, as part of an effort to deter migration at the southern border. Many immigrants faced rape, kidnapping and murder while they languished in Mexico, according to advocacy groups.

Message from Secretary Mayorkas Regarding

the Successful Counterterrorism Operation

We have colleagues in our Department who are veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, who were drawn to military service by the desire to defend the freedom and liberty that help define America and distinguish it as the greatest country in the world. We have plankholders, colleagues who were drawn to service by the desire to help stand up DHS in 2003 and develop the means to help safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values. We have, in fact, all of you; each of you dedicates your energy, talent, and self to the mission of homeland security.

“Counterterrorism Operation.” – Release Date: August 2, 2022

Homeland Security

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