Man Calls himself “God” After Killing NY Woman.

When asked if he had killed Michelle Alyssa Go, a 40-year-old Upper West Side resident, Martial copped to the ghastly attack, and claimed he was “God.” “Yeah because I’m God. Yes I did. I’m God, I can do it,” Martial shouted to a gaggle of reporters.

Unhinged homeless man Simon Martial admits to deadly Times Square subway shove, declares himself ‘God’

Unprovoked attacks on Asian Americans soared in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic amid anti-Chinese political rhetoric, and were up 368 percent in 2021, according to police data.

Many of the crimes occurred in the subway system, which city and state officials recently pledged to fill with expanded police presence and social service teams to combat rising crime and help shift homeless people living underground into shelters.

Michelle Go was 40 years old when she was killed; “pushed in front of a subway train in Times Square.”

By Steven Vago and Jesse O’Neill | New York Post – January 15, 2022 :

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