FBI raids house where Sexual Assault of 9-year-old Girl took place in Detroit

The FBI conducted a raid Thursday at a west side Detroit home where a sexual assault of a young girl took place Sunday.

By Jessica Dupnack and David Komer | oCTOBER 14, 2021 | https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/fbi-raids-house-where-abducted-9-year-old-was-raped-on-detroits-west-side?fbclid=IwAR0L9QHiaz2ZFH0YG6s1X2SDwMtAlnKW0vhmBHuTmNWNjC_rDdaijxNFpQM

Suspect Charged with Torture in Kidnapping, Rape of 9-year-old girl from Farmington Hills

McDonald, 40, has two adult children and a third child on the way. His defense attorney said that his fiance is due to deliver the baby this month. He spent 13 years in prison and was paroled in May on two prior criminal sexual conduct convictions.

By Jessica Dupnack and FOX 2 Detroit |10/15/2021 https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/farmington-hills-police-to-announce-charges-in-kidnapping-rape-of-9-year-old?fbclid=IwAR2XmIYQUXeN8bsuyvPpek9qH8P9BguDjMA30T3j9CE8uxculA3W250VF3U

Sex Offender accused of Abducting, Raping 9-year-old Farmington Hills girl in his mother’s Detroit home

By Randy Wimbley and Amber Ainsworth | 10/16/2021 | Fox 2 Detroit https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/sex-offender-accused-of-abducting-raping-9-year-old-farmington-hills-girl-in-his-mothers-detroit-home?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0YDZezTSpy0rnHSYTxeSziIaGOXZI6afpavpnQZWhH8wTs81j6epKN6g8

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