Recognizing Modern Slavery


SLAVERY, as chattel slavery, in America no longer exits. But what of the other forms of human exploitation. Occasionally we read in newspapers or television of some poor person forcibly held, as a servant of some sort, not allowed to leave, to meet and have friends nor enjoy basic humane rights as any other American. The manipulators use various social persuasions to bring these people under their control; at times, saying it is for their own good or betterment. So that person never attempts to go to school, to get a job thinking this is the right thing to do, for themselves and everybody, ‘Community,’ etc. If you have any accomplishment, or association they will attempt to claim you saying, he is our representative. A key word used instead of servant [slave], is ‘available.’ What good to you are your life sacrifices if they cannot be enjoyed by you and your children, and your children’s children. Especially if Allah has blessed you to live and love those children, some who witnessed your struggle, pursuing an education, working etc. so they will know that these are some of the things they will need to make life better, to make a future for themselves. Trying to give whats good in life and let them know they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. But unfortunately, you can have a phd, good paying job and can still be subject to manipulations that force you to be “available.”

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