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Mr. Harun Jihad Bilal

 Harun Jihad Bilal

ISLAM: Essential Beliefs

Why?  Is there a saviours day celebrated by some Muslims?

Why is there a saviours day celebrated by some Muslims?  Tribulations of the Grave  |

Criticizing Contradictions and Incongruity in the Religion.

A Warning from ALLAH.  |

Mt. Rushmore  |

Maqam Mahmud.  |

Beautiful Pattern of Conduct in the Messenger of Allah.

”Be” – The Will of ALLAH!  |

Pass Me Over  |

Can I Ask You A QUESTION?    |

Allah is Aware of All Things  |

” Who Does More Wrong Than He Who Invents A Lie About Allah? ”

The Straight Path  |

“Allah is my (our) Savior!”  |

Lawful versus Doubtful.  |

Seek The Hereafter  |



Mercy from God (ALLAH) for those that Believe (in ALLAH), and Follow The Prophet Muhammad  صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ سَلَّمُ  |

Women Who Believe  |

(Women) Guard your Modesty!  |

The Day of Judgement and Paradise.  |

Concerning Prayer and Masaajid.  |

Allah is The Best Rewarder  |

Trust In Allah  |

“O Allah (God)!”  |

Allah is Al-Wadūd – The Loving  |

Reward from your LORD.  |

He (is Allah) The Ever Living.  |

Purification of the heart *  |

Prohibition of Injustice and Oppression; and Seeking Guidance from Allah |

Ibadah & Bida’ah (Innovation) *  |

Actions are Judged by Intentions*  |


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I testify that nothing deserves worship/prayer but Allah (GOD) alone; and I testify that Muhammad (to whom Allah revealed the Quran) is HIS last servant and messenger.
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