The Stanford PhD student with a mission to graduate 10,000 Black engineers by 2025

 Provided by CNBC
Favour Nerrise, National Chairperson, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Only 5% of developers, engineers and programmers are Black, according to data from /dev/color, a non-profit that helps companies find Black tech talent. Nerrise says she is the only Black woman in her 160-person electrical engineering Ph.D. cohort. But she and NSBE are hoping to increase these numbers through Game Change 2025, a strategic plan that Nerrise implemented to see 10,000 Black engineers graduate annually by 2025.

Children as young as third grade are now being exposed to NBSE, which Nerrise says was a necessity. “And we might even need to go all the way down to like, kindergarten,” she says, “because we found that if the kids weren’t exposed early, Black and brown students typically were at a disadvantage of catching up in mathematics and science.”

Article written by AJ Horch – August 23, 2022

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