NOTE: 1/10/2022

NOTE: 1/10/2022

America is the greatest place on earth with the potential to live your life in peace within the faith of your choice, as you want to worship.

Example: With the influx of people from throughout the world striving towards the liberties promised here.

Yet as we welcome new and potential citizens; let us say Afghanstinians (Muslims mostly) who have/are persecuted by their own people, their ‘co-religionists’ there. How can America be so far remote to accept even the idea that forms of persecution (although not actual killing ‘outright’) are happening right here every day in America.

One ‘cover’ that is used to conceal this persecution (although they perpetrators may not see themselves as persecuting) is culture. The exploited and down cast African, brought up achieving educational success (first Black school system) and business success as Black Muslims. Yet the Islam of These Black Muslims, while mentioning Allah, Quran, Muhammad looked to Elijah Pool as their Muhammad, and some person by name of Fard Mohammad as god (Allah is The GOD in the Arabic Language).

So, as Black Culture rightfully gains acceptance, we all benefit. But the benefit of an African American Muslim not of the unorthodox belief of this new group, Black Muslim – life can be just as tumultuous as that of our newly arriving Afghan citizens who had to flee persecutions from their own kind in order to live and worship as they please. So hard to believe.

As our hearts go out welcoming our Afghan refugees seeking to help them in whatever ways we can, towards the American Dream, freedom to live and prosper as Americans, we look at the struggling African American that has been a Muslim striving as all Black people in American with what DuBois termed the second self ‘double consciousness,’ add yet being an orthodox Muslim in a world just becoming/accepting Islam. You never think but it is true, the unconcern of others can be used as a tool of exploitation. Most African Americans are Christian. So, if there is an issue concerning Islam and Muslims they say; leave it to the Black Muslims, they have had some success. But that African American Muslims belief in Allah is different. He looks to GOD (Allah) for his salvation, while Black Muslims look to some saviour Elijah, Fard?. ‘It is Persecution.’.

Let us see you ‘make’ a Saudi Muslim celebrate their saviours day, ‘make’ a Somali or an Afghani Muslim celebrate their saviour and savior day. Leave me out if it. ‘It is Persecution.’

A final thought in this mornings NOTE:. Isn’t there enough hate in the world? It feels much better to not carry hate, as much as you can. GOD is The Forgiver, Al-Ghaafir. I say at times, how can you forgive someone that has their heal on your neck? Yet forgiveness is priceless, we all seek it. I personally do not need their hate. Life is hard enough.

“America is the greatest place on earth with the potential to live your life in peace within the faith of your choice, as you want to worship.”

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I testify that nothing deserves worship/prayer but Allah (GOD) alone; and I testify that Muhammad (to whom Allah revealed the Quran) is HIS last servant and messenger.
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